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OXFORD (54) 4th rate Built in 1727, Portsmouth DY.
Broken up in 1758.

  • 1727 Capt. Charles BROWN 1734 Capt. William OCKMAN, resigned and was succeeded in June by Capt. Robert MAN of the SUTHERLAND. OXFORD was one of the fleet collected in the Downs under the command of Sir John NORRIS.
  • 1737 Capt. William SWALE, sent to the coast of Guinea where he had the misfortune to break his leg. this had to be amputated but it became infected and he died at sea on 9th. November while on passage home.
  • 1738 Capt. Thomas GRIFFIN, Portsmouth. promoted to the PRINCESS CAROLINE (80), the following year.
  • .1739 Capt. James COMPTON.
  • 1740 Capt. John RUSSEL.
  • 1742 Capt. Lord Harry POWLETT, with Vice Adm. Thomas MATHEWS in the Mediterranean. In June OXFORD was detached with the DUKE fireship under the command of Capt. Richard NORRIS in KINGSTON to blockade five Spanish galleys in the neutral port of St. Tropez. When the galleys fired on the British ships, NORRIS was able to order the DUKE in to destroy them. In July OXFORD was part of a small squadron sent to the Bay of Naples to induce the king of Sicily, under threat of bombardment, to recall his forces from Italy and declare neutrality. The king later became Carlos III of Spain, and a bitter enemy of Britain.
  • On 11 February OXFORD was with the van of Adm. MATHEW's fleet under Rear Adm. William ROWLEY, opposing the combined Franco-Spanish fleet which had appeared off Toulon on the 9th.
  • 1748 Edmund TOLL, With rear Adm. Charles KNOWLES's squadron in an attack on Port Louis in Hipaniola on 8 March. The squadron bombarded and accepted the surrender of a fort but an attack on the town itself was called off after Capt. DENT of PLYMOUTH (60), reported that it was impracticable.
  • OXFORD was also with KNOWLES in his action with a Spanish squadron of seven ships off Havana on 1st. Oct. 1748.

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