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ROSE (24) 6th rate Built in 1740, Rotherhithe.
Sold in 1755.

  • 1740 Capt. Thomas FRANKLAND, appointed 15th. July. She sailed from Longreach for Portsmouth on 11 September.
  • At the beginning of November all the men of the transports CRANFORD and WALTER GALLEY at Portsmouth were impressed for the ROSE and on the 8th. ROSE, ARGYLE and PORT MAHON sailed from Spithead to the westward. In Falmouth on 16 December Capt. FRANKLAND reported broken chain plates and ring bolts.
  • He was taking to the Bahamas Mr Tinker, who had been appointed governor, and he remained on station to protect the trade against the Spanish Guarda Costas. On 4 July 1742 he captured one of these vessels, the Juan de Bautusto, with 10 carriage and as many swivel guns, which was supported by two armed prizes taken a short time before. The action lasted for about three hours when the enemy, finding ROSE too powerful, attempted flight, but was forced to strike after a running fight lasting another hour when the crew hauled down her colours. The desperation of the Spanish captain was understood when he was carried into Carolina and discovered to be Don Juan de Leon Fandino, the man who had cut off the ear of Robert Jenkins in 1731, one of the many Spanish provocations that led to the British declaration of war in 1739. Capt. FRANKLAND, unwilling to parole such a prisoner, sent him home for the government to deal with.
  • In 1742 he also captured a large Bermuda sloop which had been converted by the Spaniards to a privateer which had taken several vessels on the American coast, and a Dutch snow that had been trading with the Spaniards, with 5000 dollars and a valuable cargo of dry goods.
  • On 17th. March 1744 a Spanish sloop was taken by Capt. FRANKLAND and carried into Charlestown, S. Carolina.
  • 1745 Early in the morning of 1st. June ROSE, accompanied by the FLAMBOROUGH, Cdr. Ashby UCTING, sailed over the bar at Charlestown, bound for England with a large fleet of merchantmen under convoy. With all the gold and silver she was carrying, ROSE was reckoned to be the richest English ship ever to sail from America. FLAMBOROUGH was also carrying a considerable quantity of money.

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