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ROYAL OAK (64) 4th rate Built in 1741, Plymouth.
Broken up in 1764.

  • 1741 John STEVENS, master; Pentecost BARKER, purser; Nicholas COLLINS, cook; Charles Jacob SAXE, surgeon.
  • 1741 Capt. Philip VINCENT, to the Mediterranean with Rear Ad. Richard LESTOCK's squadron to reinforce the Mediterranean fleet.
  • Soon after his arrival Capt. VINCENT quitted the navy and was employed as a superintendent of fortifications on the coast of Italy between Nice and Villa Franca, he died in London in December 1746.
  • Capt. Edmund WILLIAMS.
  • Capt. Charles LONG.
  • Capt. James HODSALL.
  • 1756 - 1763 Prison ship at Plymouth.
  • In January 1759 Jean Manaux, a French prisoner on board ROYAL OAK, gave information to the agent for prisoners of war, that his fellow prisoners were forging passes to facilitate their escape to France. Another prisoner discovered this, and on 25th. January, when they were ordered down to their berths, Charles Darras, with a boatswain's call summoning the other prisoners, dragged Manaux to a part of the ship remote from the sentries, stripped and gagged him, then tied him to a ring bolt and gave him about sixty strokes with an iron thimble, as big as a man's fist, at the end of a rope. By struggling Manaux got loose and fell on his back, upon which Pierre Lagnal jumped on him several times till he broke his chest while Pierre Pitroll kept his foot on his neck. When they found Manaux was dead they passed his body piece-meal through the heads to avoid alarming the sentry. The next day twenty-seven of the prisoners were brought on shore, and one of them gave information on the murder. Five Frenchmen were tried and condemned - Charles Darras, Louis Bourdecq, Fleurant Termineu, Pierre Pitroll and Pierre Lagnal. They were sentenced to be executed on 2nd April, but were respited until the 25th., when they were hung at Exeter.

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