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SURPRIZE (24) 6th rate Built in 1745, Beaulieu.
Broken up in 1770.

  • 1746 Capt. James WEBB, promoted out of JAMAICA sloop on 24th. June. Whilst anchored off Newhaven in November he saw two French privateers in chace of some merchant vessels. He immediately went in pursuit and captured one of them after a chace of three hours. At the beginning of December he came to the rescue of an English West Indiaman, and captured the privateer Laurette (or Loretta) of Dieppe, with 6 carriage, 6 swivel guns and 50 men, that was in chace of her, and brought her in to the Downs.
  • In January 1748 the RAINBOW, Capt. Patrick BAIRD, was placed under Capt. WEBB's orders and the two vessels were ordered to cruise in the entrance to the Bay of Biscay. On the 22nd two vessels were sighted standing on different courses, he signalled RAINBOW to chace one, while he went after the other, which he captured in the evening after firing a few shot into her. She proved to be a packet called the Palme with 12 carriage guns, belonging to the French king, bound for valuable snow from Antigua bound for London, taken a few days earlier by the Dauphin privateer of St. Malo (RAINBOW was equally successful, having captured a large privateer from Granville called the Count de Noailles, with 22 carriage guns and 150 men).
  • 1747 Capt. Marriot ARBUTHNOT, promoted out of the JAMAICA sloop on 22 July, he removed into the TRYTON before the winter.
  • 1750 Capt. Patrick BAIRD, the coast of Guinea.
  • 1756 Capt. Richard KNIGHT, appointed 5th. February.
    A letter from Portsmouth dated 4th. June said:
    "On Wednesday arrived the SURPRISE, with a convoy of 12 Transports from the Downs, who have on board Officers and Recruits for the battalions in North America. They will sail in a day or two under Convoy of the SIRLING CASTLE, Capt. CORNISH.

    He removed into the LIVERPOOL in 1758.
  • 1760 Capt. Joseph FRAINE, Mediterranean until 1761 then on the home station until the end of the war.

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