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TRENT (28) 6th rate Built in 1757, Woolwich.
Sold in 1764.

  • 1760 Extract from a letter from Rear Adm. HOLMES, C-in-C at Jamaica, Dec.31st.
    "Since the taking of the French frigates in October last, (see BOREAS) the squadron have brought in here, or destroyed, about eight of the enemy's privateers. The most remarkable of these little affairs were the two last, brought in here the other day, and taken by the boats of the TRENT and the BOREAS, commanded by the first lieutenants of their respective ships, Messrs MILLER and STUART, IN Cumberland Harbour, there not being water to carry any of the ship up to them; viz. The Vainqueur of ten guns, sixteen swivels, and 90 men; and Mackau, a small vessel of six swivels and 15 men. The officers and men in the boats behaved with great intrepidity, and boarded and carried the Vainqueur, under the strongest premeditated difficulties the enemy could lay. The TRENT had three men killed, one missing, and one wounded. The BOREAS had one killed, five wounded, and her barge sunk in boarding. So soon as they had taken these two vessels, the pushed on after the Guespe, of eight guns and 85 men, which lay farther up the Lagoon; but on their approach the French set fire to her, and she was destroyed. The loss of the enemy is uncertain, about forty of them jumped overboard when the boats boarded the Vainqueur, and ten men were found wounded on board. The Mackau made no resistance."

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