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VALEUR (28) 6th rate Taken from the French by LIVELY in Oct. 1759.
Sold in Jan. 1764.

  • 1759 Capt. Timothy EDWARDS, 5th. Aug.
    In 1762 a letter was sent to Mr Cleveland at the Admiralty by Capt. EDWARDS, then of HM Ship WAGER.
    Spithead, 17th. June 1762
    You will be pleased to acquaint their lordships, that when I commanded the Valeur in January and February last, under the orders of Sir Charles Saunders, being then at Algiers, I received information that an Algerine cruiser, who was then returned from a cruise, had plundered at English ship near Cape Finisterre, bound to the coast of Guinea. I believe this might happen near the end of January or February. I went in consequence, attended by the consul, to demand satisfaction of the Bey, for such an act of piracy, and affront, done to his majesty's flag. He had her crew severally searched; and after a severe reprimand to the soldiers that were the principals, he found, and restored, five hundred German crowns, two pieces of English silver, some wearing apparel of little worth, and a few firearms. I should be glad to know how the money is to be disposed of. It will be lodged next week at Messrs. Martin, Stone and Blackwells, bankers in Lombard Street.

    The ship referred to in the above letter was the Mary. Capt. Sand, bound from Lancaster to Gambia.

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