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VENGEANCE (28) 6th rate Taken by HUSSAR in February 1758.
Used as breakwater in 1766.

  • 1758 Capt. Gamaliel NIGHTINGALE, under the orders of Commodore DUFF he was employed watching the French fleet in Brest.
  • In March 1761 VENGEANCE, armed with 6 and 4 pounders and with 200 men, arrived in Plymouth with a prize named the ENTREPRENANT, pierced for forty-four, but now carrying only twenty-six guns, (12 and 6 pounders) with 203 men, being equipped for war and merchandise, and loaded with various kinds of goods for San Domingo, with which she sailed from Bordeaux on the 8th. inst. Capt. NIGHTINGALE gave the following account:
    "He got up close along side of her at five o'clock in the afternoon of the 13th., when the action immediately began, and continued for three quarters of an hour, in which time the Vengeance was five times on fire, (twice, as was imagined, from the enemy's wads setting fire to the main rigging) that the Vengeance's rigging and sails being so much shattered, that the ship was not under command, the enemy run his bowsprit over her taffarel for boarding; that he was therein prevented, and the Vengeance sheered off, to repair her rigging and sails. As soon as his ship was in condition he got up again close to the enemy and the engagement was renewed for an hour, when the Entreprenant sheered off and bore away; rhe Vengeance being a second time disabled in her masts and rigging, was some time in wearing; that at length she wore, and he got again within pistol shot of the enemy, and renewed the engagement, which continued for an hour and a half, when the enemy called for quarter. The Entreprenant had 5 men killed and 24 wounded. The Vengeance had 6 killed and 27 wounded, most of them dangerously, and two of them are since dead."

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