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VULTURE (14) Sloop Built in 1744, Limehouse.
Sold in 1761.

  • 1744 Cdr. John HARDY, in October he was promoted into the BRIDGEWATER.
  • 1744 Cdr. William BULLY, appointed in November.
    In June 1745 he had the disagreeable task of bringing Cdr. GREEN of the LIZARD, who was under his orders, before a court martial on board SANDWICH at Spithead charged with disobedience in not doing his best to properly engage a French privateer. The charge being proved, Mr Green was sentenced to be dismissed the service and imprisoned for a year in the Marshalsea.
  • 1746 Cdr. Samuel FAULKNOR, who having arrived in Inverkeithen road, sent his cutter and boats on ahead, and when they reached Kincardin road they saw a brig coming out of Airth, which the rebels had seized in order to transport their cannon from Allowa up the Firth to batter Stirling Castle. The next morning, when Capt. FAULKNOR arrived in the road, he was informed by the lieutenant of PEARL that there were two more vessels in Airth that were liable to be seized by the rebels for the same purpose, so he sent his boats, manned and armed, in to burn them. This was accomplished without loss, although the rebels in Airth fired on them. In the evening the tide dropped so low that VULTURE was unable to return to the road, and the rebels opened up a battery of three pieces of cannon which they unexpectedly played on the sloop in the morning. VULTURE replied, dismounting two of the guns, killing their principal engineer and some others, and driving the rebels out of the town.
    In April he was promoted to post captain in the AMAZON frigate.

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