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WASP (16) Brig-sloop Built in 1749, Portsmouth DY.
Sold in 1781.

  • 1749 Capt. John BARKER.
    The complements of WASP and PEGGY sloops were reduced from 60 men to 55 so a master and a cook could no longer be borne. Their service requires them run close to shore and into shoals in the Channel, so both captains suggested rating complement as if it were 60. Capt. BARRKER said he was stationed in the Inner Channel from Chichester to Beachy Head and asked for a pilot in Oct. 1749, suggests WASP and PEGGY should carry pilots as they can run into shoals.
  • 1755 In Nova Scotia, asks for sails and cordage.
  • 1756 Capt. LEAVER.
  • 1763 Capt. William WATSON, Hamoaze in January.
  • 1763 Capt. Charles LESLIE, June at Chatham. Docked and graved WASP at Plymouth in September and refit her for Channel Service.
  • 1764 Capt. George TALBOT, Waterford.
    Survey of Boatswain's stores with William Meeks, late boatswain, now delivered to John Richards, his successor in December. The WASP returned to Plymouth in March 1765. John Deal appointed sailmaker of WASP.
  • 1766 James CUMMING, Thomas Checkly, cook of WASP and Hugh Malone of NEPTUNE requested an exchange as Malone's family live in Ireland, where WASP is bound.
  • In Oct. 1768, Thomas Long, Purser of WASP, reported that Daniel Bell, Master, had taken stores in his charge without permission and sold them. He asks for his wages to be stopped. A few days later the captain reported that he had made enquiries, and it turned out that the master had taken nothing but part of the provisions due to his servant, his own son, 12 or 13 years of age, also called Daniel Bell.
  • 1769 Capt. Henry DUNCAN, who was unacquainted with the limits of his station, being lately appointed to the coast of Ireland between Waterford and Dublin, requests permission to bear a pilot.

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