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WEAZLE (16) Sloop Built in 1745, Rotherhithe.
Captured in 1779.

  • 1746 Cdr. Hugh PALLISER, appointed in June and on his station off Beachy Head in a short time captured four French privateers. The capture of two of them is described in this account, where his whole force was not more than equal to one of his opponents.
    Admiralty Office. October 14th. 1746.
    "Captain Palliser, in his majesty's sloop the Weazle, being on a cruise off the Isle of White, on the 8th. instant, at ten in the morning, saw a shallop, which he gave chase to, and at one came up with and took her. She was called the Jeanie, a French privateer belonging to Boulogne, mounting six carriage and six swivel guns and had forty-eight men on board, and was commanded by Antoine Colloit.
    When Capt. Palliser had shifted the prisoners he gave chase to another vessel, and at dark came up with her and took her. She was called the Fortune, a French privateer of Honfleur, mounting ten carriage and ten swivel guns, and had ninety men on board, commanded by John Gilliere. Both the prizes are brought into port."
  • 1747 Cdr. Samuel BARRINGTON, promoted to Captain in the BELLONA frigate on 29th. May.
  • 1758 Cdr. BOLES. Was with BUCKINGHAM between Guadeloupe and Montserrat during her encounter with the French Florissant.
  • 1779 Cdr. Lewis ROBERTSON, was captured by the French LA BOUDEUSE (36). off St. Eustatia on 13 January, she was carrying despatches from Adm. BARRINGTON.

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