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WEYMOUTH (60) 4th rate Built in 1736, Plymouth DY.
Wrecked in 1745.

  • 1739 Capt. Lord Aubrey BEAUCLERK. He was immediately promoted to the PRINCE FREDERICK.
  • 1744 Capt. Warwick CALMADY, commissioned her at Plymouth on 10th. June, bringing with him most of the ship's company of the LIVELY. He sailed from Spithead on 18th. November with a fleet and convoy under Vice Adm. Thomas DAVERS in CORNWALL (80).
  • WEYMOUTH reached English Harbour on 10th. February, having been detached to escort three store ships. Vice Adm. DAVERS came over from St. Johns, Antigua, to see English Harbour and, while they were there, word was brought that several vessels in sight off the harbour were in action. They were the MERCURY (16), and the COMET, bomb, which had been engaged with the SANTA THERESA (30), and a privateer. Commodore WARREN, reinforcing her ship's company with 50 men from WEYMOUTH, took WOOLWICH (50), to sea. He was followed by LAUNCESTON (44), who took another 40 men from WEYMOUTH.
  • Capt. KNOWLES took 180 men from the SUPERB and embarked in the the WEYMOUTH, sailing at 5.30 PM on the 13th. At a little before one in the morning on the 17th. the WEYMOUTH grounded and was lost after her stores and guns were taken off, this was completed on the 22nd.
    A court martial was held on the 18th. and 19th. February 1745. Capt. CALMADY was acquitted, the Pilot was sentenced to two years in the Marshalsea Prison.

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