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WOLF (14) Sloop Built in 1731, Deptford.
Wrecked in 1741.

  • 1731 Capt. ORCHARD, 24th. November, one of a small squadron (PHOENIX, EXPERIMENT, FLAMBOROUGH, DEAL CASTLE, WOLF and GRAMPUS) put in commission to protect the trade at Jamaica from the daily depredations of the Spanish guarda costas.
  • 1734 Capt Edward HAWK, appointed in September.
  • In January 1738 orders were received at Portsmouth to repair the WOLF sloop, she was undocked on 6th. February.
  • 1738 Capt. DANDRIDGE, Gosport.
    Throughout June he bombarded the dockyard with demands and queries:-
    For an awning, for another 4-oared boat, why has he been supplied with a turtle net? There are no turtles in Virginia, please replace with a seine. Requires a vyal (a large messenger) to assist weighing his anchor because the new awning is in the way, also requires a spare try-sail, has changed his boatswain due to idleness.
  • WOLF sailed for Spithead on 25 June and for Plymouth on 10 July, the dockyard were probably glad to see her go. She finally sailed for Virginia on 4 August, after an incident with Charles Ware, the master of the FOX snow, in Plymouth Sound, which Capt. Dandridge did not have time to report.
  • 1738 in Kiquotan Road, James River, Virginia. In June the ship's complement was reduced and it was discovered that the widow's man had been discharged by accident (these were imaginary able-bodied seamen, borne on the pay books of every ship in commission to provide widow's pensions. The fund received an amount equal to pay and provisions for two men in every hundred.)
  • 1741 WOLF was wrecked on the coast of Florida on 2 March.

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