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WOLF (14) Sloop Built in 1742, Deptford.
Wrecked in 1748.

  • 1742 Capt. Samuel LOFTING.
    She was employed as a cruiser, and about Christmas captured a privateer and retook two prizes taken by the enemy. He continued in the same manner during the following year.
    Capt. Lofting, Commander of the Wolf sloop, cruising off Oporto, had received Information of Privateer and two Prizes being in the River of Mouro, and the Castle which commanded the Entrance into that River had but a few Guns, he proceeded thither, and on December 16th., batter'd the Castle from half an hour past eight o'clock in the Morning, till eleven, and in the meantime sent in his Tender and Boats to cut out the Ships that were there, and they accordingly brought off the two Prizes, but did not see any Privateers in the River.
    From the London Gazette, Whitehall, 3rd. February
  • 1745 Captured by French on 14 November.
  • 1747 Recaptured.
  • 1748 Capt. VEACHEL. In the high winds that caused great damage that winter, WOLF was wrecked on the coast of Ireland on 31 December. The captain, with 90 of his men, his wife and sister-in-law were all drowned, the gunner being the only officer saved,

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