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WORCESTER (48) 4th rate Built in 1698, Southampton.
Broken up in 1733.

  • 1702 Capt. Thomas BUTLER, as a cruiser in the Channel.
    An express came to Whitehall, from Commodore Butler, captain of her majesty's ship Worcester, dated in the bay of Cherbourg the 8th. of April, with an account, that having received advice, that about thirty-five sail were to come out of St. Malo, he stood over with his own ship and her majesty's ships Dunwich and Maidstone, to Cape Cartwright, and got sight of them. The Maidstone, being foremost, chased twenty-one sail of them into Cherbourg, with two small ships of war, their convoys, one of twenty, the other of twenty-two guns. Capt. Butlerthen made a signal to the Dunwich to stand to the southward of Grandance bay, while the commodore himself stood to the north end of it, and chased the French commodore, a ship of twenty-two guns, and another frigate of fourteen, with eight sail of merchantmen, which were all destroyed, the commodore and two more being burnt, and the rest sunk. Some Guernsey privateers who, were with commodore Butler, carried off two prizes. A privateer of eight guns was taken afterwards by the Maidstone between Moneville and Cherbourg. Commodore Butler soon after took a small ketch; and with her majesty's ships above named, came to anchor before this place, and saw the twenty-three sail before mentioned, hauled in close under the castle.
    From the Gazette No. 4009
  • 1705 Capt. Richard CANNING, appointed in June. She was employed as a cruiser in the Channel and the Soundings and captured the French frigate VALEUR (28), and a considerable number of trading vessels and privateers. In September 1706 he captured the fine privateer MARQUIS de CHIANGE, new off the stocks, and being a remarkably fast sailor, had been sent to gather intelligence on Sir Cloudesley SHOVEL's fleet.
  • 1710 On 21st. January a court martial was held on board the HUMBER at which an enquiry was held into a complaint by Capt. CANNING against Mr VAUTIER, his lieutenant, and the court found that the lieutenant had used his captain with disrespect and contempt, and thought fit to mulct him of 3 months pay to Greenwich Hospital.
  • Rebuilt at Deptford in 1714.
  • 1716 Capt. Thomas KEMPTHORNE, Mediterranean.
  • 1717 Capt. Challoner OGLE, one of the fleet ordered to the Baltic
  • 1720 Capt. Charles BOYLE, one of the fleet ordered to the Baltic under Sir John NORRIS, he died soon after his arrival on 28th. June 1720.
  • 1720 Capt. Francis DELAVAL, Baltic.
  • 1721 Capt. Robert MAN, he commissioned WORCESTER, which was to have gone to Lisbon with Sir Charles WAGER, but appears never to have put to sea.

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