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ZEPHYR (14) Sloop Built in 1779, Deptford, purchased on the stocks.
Renamed NAVY TRANSPORT in 1782.
Renamed DISPATCH in 1783.

  • 1780 Capt, John INGLIS.
    On 2nd November ZEPHYR was at the entrance of the River Gambia and discovered four sail at anchor off Barra Point, which as he approached closer he saw were a French ship of war, an armed transport and two sloops. At noon the enemy set fire to the transports and the sloops. Then the ship of war got under sail and stood nearer in shore, at one p.m. the ZEPHYR came along side her within pistol shot and a warm action ensued; at four both ships ran aground, and continued with great violence until six o'clock when the enemy struck. She proved to be the SENEGAL French corvette of 18 six pounders, and 126 men, twelve of whom were killed and twenty-eight wounded. She was commanded by Lieut. D'ALLERY. The ship had been the RACEHORSE, in which Lord MULGRAVE had sailed on his voyage of discoveries in the northern ocean. The ZEPHYR had two men killed and four wounded; her bow-sprit and main-mast were shot away and with the hull, masts and yards much damaged, it was with great difficulty she reached Goree. While re-fitting at Goree, the SENEGAL caught fire, and before the flames could be extinguished, she blew up. Lieut. George CROFTS and 22 men were killed.

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